The Juggler arrives in Port

The Doppio or Nothing team have recently installed the first Juggler in Port Macquarie at the newly opened Breakwall HQ. Being limited on space, our brief for the café design called for efficiencies in workflow and the installation of The Juggler was a welcome innovation as part of this.

The Juggler milk on tap system is revolutionising work flow for baristas. It saves time and space and eliminates waste of both milk and plastic bottles. Where ever possible, it should be considered as part of the core coffee equipment list in a café, almost as important as the machine and grinder.

 Rave reviews from Breakwall HQ owners, Bec and Ben Howard have proven to us that The Juggler has created a significant difference in their café. Bec tells us, “with limited space in the café we have been able to eliminate all the negatives of dealing with milk bottles. However, the most notable thing for me during this busy opening period has been that I have not needed to leave my station for more milk, to clear empties or clean jugs, as we’ve installed the Jug Rinser as well, it’s a winner!”

So how does The Juggler work?

Bladders, not bottles
Milk for The Juggler is delivered in 10 litre compatible bladders. Just load them into the chiller and they automatically connect to the dispensing system. Bladders can be ordered from your milk distributor just as you would order milk in bottles.

Volumetric Dosing
A sensor in each tap detects the size of the jug being used and triggers the appropriate preset dose of milk. Programming multiple dose settings for your small, medium and large jugs is easy.

Increased productivity
It helps streamline the coffee making process and speeds up service. The hands-free volumetric dosing enables baristas to continue with other tasks and less time is wasted opening, pouring from and crushing empty milk bottles.

Jug Rinser and Drain
Keeping your jugs clean between doses is easy with the built in jug rinser set right where you need it.

 So whether you are designing a new cafe from scratch or aiming to improve workflow in your existing cafe, the modular format of The Juggler offers a range of systems to suit a cafes size, pace of service and budget. It’s a piece of kit definitely worth considering for your cafe.


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