Minnie Masters - LEAP Academy Project

Hi, I’m Minnie Masters and I'm currently in year 10 in the LEAP Academy at Hastings Secondary College.

The basis behind LEAP involves choosing an interest of my choice each term & I get the opportunity to learn, research and experiment the topic of interest that I've chosen. At the end of each term I get to present my exhibition to Mr Rogers and Miss Leach (our LEAP teachers) and to whomever else I choose to invite. Each student of LEAP gets to present their project in whatever format they desire. We also include English, Maths, Science & History aspects in the project.


Last term I explored the world of coffee and created a business plan for my cafe called Bean Already. My main goal for the term was to learn how to make coffee which was made possible in the first two days. I was invited to go to Coffs Harbour with the team from Doppio or Nothing to make coffee at the National Waste Management Conference. I worked in a team making 800 coffees a day, not only did I learn the basics of making great coffee, I also learnt the process of organisation to set up two pop-up cafes.

I chose coffee as my project because I already work at a café, and I wanted to expand my knowledge further into the industry.

While working with the Doppio team I've not only been able to learn how to make coffee but also a lot of other things.

  • I've learnt are about the inner workings of the espresso machine and the grinder.
  • Daily maintenance of cleaning & looking after the machine.
  • The process of receiving orders and delivering them, and understanding the ins and outs of the many products Doppio sells.
  • The importance of having a good connection with customers & being able to handle their needs.
  • The process of the coffee bean from seed to cup.
  • The coffee menu & coffee training.
  • How to build a website
  • As well as the many important things to consider when starting a business!

I chose to work with Doppio because I was interested in learning about what goes on behind the scenes in the coffee industry and I knew that they would be really fun to work with & learn from.  Doppio’s philosophy is providing awesome quality products, from ethical companies with ethical practices and combining that with outstanding customer service – as well as throwing in some good times of course.

It has been awesome working with the team & I'm very grateful for everything they have taught me.

Some things I love doing are working at Salty Crew Kiosk,  Spending time with my friends and family  and I also love learning new things.

The video which is attached below is one of the videos I created for my exhibition last term, which shows of a small part of what I've been doing whilst being at Doppio

I presented my exhibition at Doppio HQ and explained how to make coffee, as I was making them for everyone. I presented my work in a slideshow which included a couple of videos I made. One was about Salty Crew Kiosk which focused on responsibilities & team culture. The other was a Day In The Life at Doppio. I displayed the coffee process by using an actual coffee bean plant, raw coffee beans and roasted coffee beans. I made a visual cafe concept board by using wood, paint, examples, pictures and different textures. With the help of Stew, Chrisso and Bree I made a business plan for Bean Already and with my boss at Salty Crew I made another business plan that I would present to a bank, or for a tender. I designed a floor plan, menu, uniforms etc. I have linked the video which shows a small part of what I've been doing whilst being at Doppio.


I’d love to make you a coffee soon!




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